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[ME 8, ME 11 and ME 27 in Augusta.]
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Termini and Mileage (2006)

Main alignment: Int of ST RTE 238, ST RTE 27, Southport to End of ST RTE 27, Coburn Gore Twp
Main alignment: 154.86 miles (total over all segments)

Notes and History

ME 27 is an important west-central state routing directly connecting many of the coastal communities south of Augusta and Augusta itself with the Canadian border, although as originally designated after the Great Renumbering it only went as far as Stratton. It has always had its southern end on the tip of Southport Island (Newagan being the southern point), the previous terminus of ME 128, currently ending in a loop with ME 238. From there, it proceeded along former ME 128 to North Edgecomb, joining US 1 into Wiscasset, and from there along former ME 127 to Randolph and the former ME 127 Kennebec crossing to Gardiner. In Gardiner, ME 27 joined US 201 (and for a period of time ME 24) and proceeded north into Augusta, losing US 201 and picking up ME 11 (and later ME 8) to leave town via the former routing of ME 100. Near Belgrade ME 27 left ME 11 along the routing of former ME 140 to US 2 at New Sharon, traveling west with US 2 to Farmington and from there up to Fairbanks with ME 4. At Fairbanks, ME 27 split for the last time off along former ME 143 through Kingfield and Bigelow to meet ME 4, finally to end, at Stratton. This routing remained stable (except north of Augusta; see ME 11) until 1946-7, when ME 4 was cut back and its abandoned alignment from Stratton to Quebec at Coburn Gore Township added to ME 27. This routing persists to the present day. Today, ME 27 enters Quebec as QC 161.

A potential bypass alignment exists in Kingfield; see ME 142.

In New Portland, ME 27 (and former ME 143) was originally routed on Old Kingfield Rd and probably a now-obliterated southern connector as shown on the 1932 topo (warning: large image). The current routing appears on the 1966 general atlas.

In New Portland, ME 27 runs near (but does not appear to have ever been routed on, either as itself or as ME 143) the old Wire Bridge over the Carrabasset River. Probably the oldest surviving wire-cable suspension bridge in the United States, it was built approximately 1864-6 using cables that were spun in place during construction (based on inspection, demonstrating that they were not previously wrapped). Locally maintained by the township until 1959 and now maintained by MDOT, the 198' bridge was extensively retrofitted in 1960-1 but still maintains the original wire cables, anchorages and most of the tower framing, and still carries traffic today as Wire Bridge Rd approximately one mile east of ME 27 near the ME 146 junction. Due to its unique construction and long-lived utility, it was designated a State Historic Civil Engineering Landmark in 1990.

Portions of ME 27 are part of the Trans-Maine Trail and Trans-Maine Trail Alternate, a legislative highway declared in 1979 (Title 23, Chap. 23 §1951). The Trans-Maine and Trans-Maine Alternate Trails include portions of ME 6, ME 15, ME 16 and ME 27; see Maine's Named Highways.

Archival Photographs

[Thumbnail image. Select for 640x480.] Old signage for ME 8, ME 11 and ME 27 along I-95 in Augusta (Highway News 9/60). Note that on the older guide signs there is no white background fill for the state shields.
Additional Photographs

[Thumbnail image. Select for 640x480.] ME 8, ME 11 and ME 27 cosigned in Augusta.

Additional Resources

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