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Download the new version 1.7.2 (updated 8 April 2019)
This is a security update advised for all installations.

HTTPi the little webserver that does tiny things

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Over 20 years of HTTPi!

Thanks for your support! HTTPi has been serving your files to the world since 1998!

What is HTTPi?

Hypertext Tiny Truncated Process Implementation (say HIT-uh-PEA) is a miniaturized, extensible, and HTTP/0.9, /1.0 and /1.1-compliant webserver written in pure Perl designed expressly for:

Don't believe it? Check the headers -- HTTPi's serving you this document right now.

HTTPi was designed with one thing in mind: more with less. It supports a functional implementation of HTTP/1.1 while being optimized for size and speed.

Please send all support questions to httpi@floodgap.com.

What's new in version 1.7.2?

See the ChangeLog for details.

Cameron Kaiser

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