Index of /httpi/doc-archive

Archived documentation is stored here. You can simply gunzip and untar them
somewhere convenient, and read documentation at your leisure.

For versions before 1.0, no programming manuals are available (for whatever
reason). Version 0.7 and 0.99's documentation files have somehow disappeared
in the bowels of RCS.

httpi-docs-0.1.tar.gz                              8209 bytes   Archive
httpi-docs-0.4.tar.gz                              9836 bytes   Archive
httpi-docs-1.0.tar.gz                             18394 bytes   Archive
httpi-docs-1.2.tar.gz                             19418 bytes   Archive
httpi-docs-1.3.tar.gz                             21090 bytes   Archive
httpi-docs-1.4.tar.gz                             25494 bytes   Archive
httpi-docs-1.5.tar.gz                             27925 bytes   Archive
httpi-docs-1.6.tar.gz                             28288 bytes   Archive
httpi-docs-1.7.tar.gz                             28164 bytes   Archive

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