Floodgap - Software

Floodgap software is released in open source and binary forms for many platforms.

Many Floodgap software packages are released under the Floodgap Free Software License (FFSL); others may be released under other license agreements, including the GPL. Please read the license for each package before using.

  • Open Source

    • TenFourFox: Mozilla Firefox for Power Macintosh and PowerPC (last update 12 Jan 2022) -- Yes, Mozilla dropped Tiger and PowerPC. Yes, Apple's been screwing you for years. Here's your chance to fight back: you can now get the world's most advanced browser right on your beloved Power Mac, maintained by fellow Power Mac users, endorsed by fellow Power Mac users. It even runs on 10.4. And it's free. Mozilla Public License open source.

    • SandboxSafari: A Safe Plugin Container for Power Macs (last update 23 Oct 2015) -- Flash and QuickTime and Java, oh my: more holes and exploits than rotting Swiss cheese. Fortunately, you can make these plugins run in their own private hell for those sites that still rely on them. It's not completely safe, but it's better than nothing! FFSL-licensed freeware open source. PowerPC only.

    • HTTPi Open Source 100% Perl Webserver (last update 8 Apr 2019) -- HTTPi is a 100% Perl, fully open-source webserver designed for small to medium sized websites, offering many of the features of larger servers but in a small, easily hackable footprint requiring no external Perl modules. FFSL-licensed freeware open source.

    • xa 6502/R65C02/65816 crossassembler for Unix/DOS/Atari/Amiga (last update 5 Mar 2024) -- A high-speed cross-assembler system for most Unix systems (including *BSD, Linux, OS X), DOS, Amiga and Atari computers. Includes linker utilities, documentation, and support for Rockwell CMOS and Western Digital '816 variants. GPL open source.

    • HuePl: A Perl Utility for Philips hue Lighting (last update 22 Jun 2016) -- Control your extremely expensive and extremely fun Philips hue lights from the command line and from scripts or cron with this Perl tool. Requires cURL. FFSL-licensed freeware open source.

    • radioSH: a command-line tool for the Griffin RadioSHARK (last update 9 Jul 2020) -- A command-line utility for Macs to tune and control the Griffin RadioSHARK USB AM/FM receiver. BSD open source.

    • LAMEVMX: LAME Ain't an MP3 Encoder with VMX (last update 26 Jul 2019) -- A fork of the LAME MP3 encoder with special acceleration for AltiVec and the PowerPC G5 processor. GPL open source. PowerPC only.

    • The Overbite Project: Gopher Plugins and Clients (last update 7 Feb 2012) -- Bring current and legacy resources across the global Gopherspace back to your mobile phone, modern web browser and operating system with this free set of add-ons and clients. Supporting Google Android phones and devices, as well as Mozilla Firefox and other Mozilla-based browsers on most operating systems including Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows. More on the way! Offered under varying licenses, including BSD and Tri-License (MPL/GPL/LGPL) open source. Please read the licensing for your desired package before use.

    • Mosaic-CK Web Browser (last update 15 Nov 2020) -- An unsupported, improved fork of the venerable NCSA Mosaic browser for Mac OS X, Power MachTen and other older Unix and Unix-alike operating systems. For extreme nerds and web historians only, and other people who like old iron. NCSA non-commercial license.

    • Bucktooth Perl Gopher Server Software (last update 1 May 2011) -- A 100% Perl gopher server system offering executables, directory parsing, and an intelligent new way to intermix data and content in directory menus. Fully open-source, easily hackable, and documented. Requires xinetd, inetd or a fully compatible equivalent. Hosted on our gopher server; Gopher-compatible client required. FFSL-licensed freeware open source.

    • The New GopherVR: A Virtual Reality Interface to Gopherspace (last update 24 Oct 2015) -- Explore Gopher servers and gopherspace with a unique VR interface with this classic and fascinating application brought back to life on modern systems. Binaries and source available. Hosted on our gopher server; Gopher-compatible client required. Multi-license open source.

    • BladeEnc for Mac OS X (last update 2 Jun 2006) -- Mac BladeEncX is a two-part Aqua-based interface to the venerable bladeenc GPL'ed MPEG-1 Layer 3 encoder. Makes MP3 files with just simple dragging and dropping, or use the GUI front-end to set options or encode single files. Easy batch conversion too. GPL open source. PowerPC only.

    • ppmascii Perl ASCII Art Converter (last update 19 May 2010) -- Turn most portable anymaps (PNM/PGM/PPM/PBM) into beautiful works of art using printable ASCII. Suitable for typewriters, dummy terminals and retro nerds everywhere. May even be useful. FFSL-licensed freeware open source.

    • Copperweb, A Self-Hosting Mac HTTP Proxy (last update 9 May 2011) -- If you can't fix your browser, fix your browser's input. Try Copperweb as a proof-of-concept to shore up browser support on classic Macs and A/UX. BSD open source.

    • OpenAlpha for Mac OS X (last update 2 Jun 2006) -- A tool for sorting files handed to applications, forcing them to be opened in sorted order. More useful than you might think! Freeware open source. PowerPC only.

    • The Little Orphan Tomy Tutor (last update 18 Mar 2024) -- An homage to and growing information resource about the orphaned Tomy Tutor, including its history in Japan, the UK and the USA; programming information; photographs; and technical references. Also includes the Tutti II emulator for Mac OS X 10.4+.

  • Freeware Binaries

    • The KIM-1 Page and the Amazing KIMplement (last update 27 Apr 2024) -- Information on the Commodore and MOS Technologies KIM-1, a 6502-based 1970s single-board computer. Also includes the KIMplement, a partial emulation of the KIM-1 in software for the Commodore 64 and most Commodore 64 emulators. FFSL-licensed freeware.

    • 3C589/EtherLink III Driver for Macintosh PowerBooks (last update 14 Nov 2020) -- A MacOS extension for most NuBus-based PowerBooks allowing 3Com EtherLink III Ethernet cards to be used for networking. Includes compatibility matrix, workarounds, and additional utilities. This is a hacked version of a Farallon driver, and is not officially supported by Farallon. Offered as freeware, as is.

    • SieveAhl Simple Macintosh 68K Benchmark (last update 23 Sep 2002) -- A simple benchmark for 68K based Macintoshes running virtually any System or MacOS version to evaluate integer and CPU performance. Also of limited value for Power Macintoshes, but see the disclaimer. Partial source available, with annotations. Freeware.

    • Small vi Clone for Commodores (svicc) (last update 15 Mar 2003) -- An extended subset of nex/nvi for the Commodore 64 and most Commodore 64 emulators. Features built-in documentation, along with instructions for configuring svicc as a standalone document viewer. Freeware.

    • CheapLock for OS X (last update 14 Sep 2006) -- A little hack to let you use your compatible PowerBook, iBook or MacBook's power cord as an antitheft tripwire. Freeware. PowerPC only.

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