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"Allerlei" in German means "potpourri" and elegantly sums up this grab-bag of affiliated sites and non-technical exhibits sponsored or maintained by Floodgap. Some pages are hosted on non-Floodgap servers.
  • Roadgeek Resources and Exhibits

    • Floodgap Roadgap: The Roadgeek Archive (last update 24 Jan 2021) -- The Roadgap roadgeek archive, with old and new highway routes preserved in photoessay format with commentary, supplemental photographs and multimedia. Primarily concentrated on Southern California highways, but also includes international roads (Australia, Italy, ...) and special exhibits from other regions. Also offers a glossary and links to other sites.

  • Affiliated Sites

    • Talospace -- News, reviews and first-person experiences with the free computing frontier, concentrating on OpenPOWER systems offering a ground-up libre experience without sacrificing computational power, plus other ancillary topics generally.

    • Jerk Music Critic -- The intelligence of Robert Christgau and the good taste of Lester Bangs. Current and retrospective pop, rock and other album reviews worth exactly as much as you paid for them. Find reviews by artist or rating, or leave your own mark.

    • Old Vintage Computing Research -- Vintage computing from all eras, on a smattering of systems, from getting them to do what their creators never envisioned to helping them live in the modern world. Enjoy pictures, articles and software organized by system and topic.

    • GraceAliveTV.org and Grace Alive Ministries (last update 31 Jul 2014) -- GraceAliveTV.org, the official site of Grace Alive Ministries, the television show focused on grace living for the New Testament believer. Offering information on episodes from our fellowship and how to get them free on DVD or streaming online. Hosted by Floodgap as a public service.

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