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More Lt. Kernal Data

This section provides more useful Lt. Kernal information and programs. All of the information is available for download and is offered unedited from the writers' original version:

  • ltkernal.zip which contains 26 different files including:
    • Format programs
    • Unicopy for the Lt. Kernal
    • C128 utility program
    • Steggy's articles on 'Keyed Random Access'
    • Many other helpful files from Port Commodore and other sources.

      (Once unzipped, transfer the six program files to a Commodore disk. The remaining text files can be read or printed out.)

  • scsi_pcb.jpg , Positive CAD Artwork for the SCSI Adapter interface board (260K)
    • DB-25 connector to 50-pin Header (from Host Adapter to SCSI Drive)
    • Connector part numbers listed in Hard Drive section
    • Lt. Kernal, SCSI Adapter Artwork-Pos
  • scsi_pcb_rev.jpg , Reverse CAD Artwork for SCSI Adapter interface board (260K)
    • DB-25 connector to 50-pin Header (from Host Adapter to SCSI Drive)
    • Connector part numbers listed in Hard Drive section
    • For use with Press-n-Peel® (if you don't have PNP, photo-copy onto paper (with a Laser printer/copier) and iron-on Toner-Trace onto board - it works!)
    • Lt. Kernal, SCSI Adapter Artwork-Rev

      (The above CAD artwork is one-to-one scale. If necessary, resize artwork to exactly 1.50" X 3.00".)

  • DOS - 7.2 SYSGEN Update , This is the Text file contained on the SYSGEN Disk, version 7.2, which describes changes in version 7.2 and other important information.
  • MACINTOSH Adapter - For those who want to use unmodified Macintosh-II hard drive enclosures and cables (esp., DB-25 to Centronics-50 cable), you can build your own DB-25 to DB-25 gender changer (like a Null Modem). For example,
    • Jameco Plastic Hood - #34091CB
    • Jameco DB-25M connector (to Host Adapter) - #15114CB
    • Jameco DB-25F connector (to Hard Drive) #15157CB
    •  Use the DB-25 SCSI chart in the Drive - Case & Cables section. (modify a gender changer or make a short cable). Plug this Mac adapter into the Host Adapter and a Mac DB-25/Centronics-50 cable into the Mac adapter. Now, you can daisy-chain Mac hard drive enclosures using regular Mac enclosures and cables.  A 7-drive Lt. Kernal?
  • New! - Download the Multiplexer troubleshooting diagrams.  Even if you don't own a Multiplexer unit, the schematic and troubleshooting procedure will give you a better idea of how the Lt. Kernal works!
  • SYSGEN Disk: This is the SYSGEN Disk, version 7.2. The Disk image has a Blank '87' serial number and hard drive Cell Table. You'll need to edit this Disk using a Sector Editor or LTKEDIT2.SDA program following instructions in Hard Drive - Edit section:
  • New! - Complete Lt. Kernal Manual (.pdf files in ZIP format)
    • Main portion of Manual (8.5 meg - less DOS chapters).  Includes Installation diagrams for C64/C128/C128D and Quick Reference cards
    • DOS Commands (3.1 meg - chapters 5 - 8)

  • DOS Commands , A complete HTML listing of all Lt. Kernal DOS Commands, v 7.2
    • Shows syntax of each Command
    • Provides examples for more involved Commands
    • Direct-Mode DOS commands
    • RUN- Mode DOS commands
    • Some Commands relate only to C128 or CP/M

  • Patch programs, collection from Xetecs' BBS
    • Some are for LTK DOS, version 7.1
    • Mod for Skyles IEEE FLASH adapter for use with the Lt. Kernal
    • (BBS Tax proposal - and you thought WWW would always be Free!)

  • 1581 Drive Test , This file includes a small Commodore program and two text files. Running this program tells you which Drive Controller chip is installed in a 1581 disk drive (WD1770 or WD1772). There are two reasons why you should run this program:
    • SYSGEN, v7.1 and v7.2 adds 1581 drive routines, which provides for Restoring and Backup of files to/from the 1581 and Hard Drive.  But Xetec recommended that the drive should included the Western Digital WD1772 controller chip (as tested by Xetec) (I've tried both controllers - both work)
    • Commodore provided a free upgrade to modify the 1581 with a newer WD1772 controller chip. This modification was needed to fix a bug in some 1581s and to improve drive performance and reliability. The Commodore upgrade also added a resistor and fixed a potential soldering problem.
    • The included Text files explain the program and what the Commodore Upgrade involved (if you want to check your drive).

  • Integrated Circuit Datasheets , The following Host Adapter IC Data Sheets may be useful for troubleshooting. These are in PDF file format, which require Acrobat Reader to view/save:
    • MC6821 - PIA , Peripheral Interface Adapter (U3)
    • 74LS245 - 3-State Octal Bus Transceiver (U4)
    • 74LS244 - Octal 3-State Buffer/Line Driver/Line Receiver (U5)
    • 74LS38 - Quad 2-Input NAND Buffer (U6)
    • 6264 - 8K x 8 Static RAM (U8, U9)
    • 74LS74 - Dual D-Type Flip-Flop (10)
    • P5C032-25  - New! - 8-Macrocell CMOS PLD (PLD-1.0 and PLD-2.0)


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This information is graciously Hosted by Floodgap Systems. If you are looking for Commodore-related help, take a look at this extensive resource. (If you own a SFD-1001 drive, see "Retrobits # 259")

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