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#129: "magic 57577 ball" (01/27/2010)

These are actual, not synthesized or falsified (and only slightly airbrushed), responses of the Magic 8-Ball I rely upon for important decisions such as choice of condiment at the taco shop and size of nose hair pliers to the following questions:

1. Is there a supermodel with lots of money that enjoys the company of nerdy men?
2. Will that supermodel find this particular nerdy man attractive?
3. Will my stock market investment in the national bank of Venezuela be enough to purchase that Bugatti Veyron?
4. Will the San Diego Chargers stop freaking sucking in the postseason, like, you know, ever?
5. Is Heidi Montag? Is she? I mean, really.

The problem is I have forgotten which answer goes with which question.

This is the last HDNR, at least for a while. I might dust this off again for some specials in the future, but unfortunately it never really achieved the readership or artistic goals I was hoping for. For those who read it avidly, I do thank you for your support and the kind E-mails I got. 31 syllables to the end!

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