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Update 7/6/2007!

Temporary CA 30 is SAFE!

Thanks to Joe Nelson at the San Bernardino Sun and to Cheryl Donahue, Public Information Officer for San Bernardino Associated Governments, Temporary CA 30 has been saved! The sign is now safely with us at Floodgap Roadgap and we're working on cleaning it up for display on the Web. No, it's not ever going to appear on eBay. We'll post pictures here when it's tidied up. Thank you so much, Joe and Cheryl!

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Save Temporary CA 30

[Temporary 30, run down during construction in January 2007.] [Return to the main page] I've been following the construction of Interstate 210 and the imminent de-signage of CA 30 as many of you know, which was the first exhibit for Roadgap that I ever took photographs for. Chief amongst them was this sign, Temporary CA 30 (30T), the only remaining Temporary-bannered route in the California state highway system.

I knew that its days were numbered, of course, but now it seems its number is up for good as it was mashed by a bulldozer building the connector ramps and left in a heap on the ground (as photographed at right in January 2007).

As a piece of California signed route history, I'm trying to determine the contractor responsible for this section of Interstate 210 so I can legally acquire this sign. If you are from Contract Management at SANBAG (the San Bernardino Association of Governments), Caltrans, or are the contractor for this project, please contact me at ckaiser@floodgap.com so that this future relic can be restored and preserved.

[Temporary 30, in 2004, prior to construction.]


Here is the first of three stages, this one prior to any construction of Interstate 210 out this far east (here in Muscoy). Note the speed limit sign, the backside of the illuminated warning sign (over the WB lanes, directly to the left of the speed limit sign), and the white reflective post near the speed limit sign as references.

[Temporary 30, in 2005, as construction started.]


The second was during the beginning of construction, as the landscaping bears marks from heavy equipment and most of the trees were cleared out. There is now a "ROAD WORK AHEAD" sign.

[Temporary 30 now destroyed, in 2007, as construction winds down.]


By January, only the ROAD WORK sign is left. The white post bears witness to where the speed limit sign used to be (showing its broken post and the sign nearby on the ground). The warning sign is still up but now partially obscured by rubble, and I-210 overhead signage is visible. The 30T sign is right at my feet as I photograph.

Please save this piece of San Bernardino road history!

If you can render any assistance in legally rescuing this sign, please send an E-mail to
ckaiser@floodgap.com. Thank you!

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