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A note on the photography

Please excuse some of the inadequacies of the photographic exhibits featured. Many of these photographs, particularly of modern highways, were taken on the road and behind the wheel under adverse focus, lighting and positioning conditions. For this reason, some photo exhibits may have been redone at a different time of day or on a later occasion to improve quality, or additional shots taken later may be inserted into a previously completed sequence to aid in continuity. The quality of focus and colour are also affected by prevailing road conditions, the ability to stop safely (which was not always possible), and the characteristics of the particular camera in use. As alignments and roads change, some of these photographs may no longer represent the present road. For some routes, that's exactly the purpose in mind!

Please also note that except where noted, these photographs, map reconstructions and other multimedia shown here are my own work. I would appreciate it greatly if you would consult me first before copying them for your own purposes, and conserve my bandwidth by not using website copy agents to download them. Thank you for being understanding of the technical deficiencies, and I hope you enjoy my explorations as much as I did. -- Cameron Kaiser

We've saved Temporary CA 30! >> [Photograph: The last remaining signed Temporary state route in California, ca. 12/2004.]

Welcome to the Roadgap!

Floodgap Roadgap is my personal collection of roadgeekery, with a special emphasis on dead or dying routes in an effort to preserve them photographically in a state as close to their last living alignment as possible. Who are roadgeeks? Well, we're those people who you find with their hazard lights on by the side of the road, photographing some call box, mile marker, sign or all three. Why do we care? I don't know about anyone else, but I find roads visually fascinating because of their structure and interconnections; their history is inexorably intertwined with local history in general; and their preservation ensures that a piece of our past lives on into the future.

Also, I've used Roadgap for some of my general on-the-road photography, not just dead routes. Besides including trips to other regions, states (Roadgap is generally concerned with Southern California since that's where I live, but other exhibits will appear as I get the camera going on my travels), and countries, I've also included travelogues of modern routes that I've found particularly fascinating. Plus, I'm also happy to find any excuse to toss in holiday snaps and scenes I've photographed that I find beautiful.

Also, a few treatises of potential use to you, the viewer:

I hope you have a great time vicariously enjoying the view behind my driver's seat, and that you'll also check out some of the other great stuff here at Floodgap. -- Cameron Kaiser

(multipart exhibits both new and old)
Grand Tours
[The Summer of 6: US 6 from CA to MA, July 2006] [US Highway 399: Ventura to Bakersfield] [US 95: Vegas to Blythe]
[Photograph: Overlooking Seattle, WA near old US 99.]
(interesting stops, modern routes and scenery studies)

[Photograph: Old-style black sign on Morena Blvd (old US 101) in San Diego.]
(decommissioned routes and old alignments of modern routes)
The Highway Graveyard

[Photograph: Onramp to I-10 (old US 70/old US 99) at County Line Road in Yucaipa, after a freak snowstorm 2004-11-21.]

"You took pictures of a frickin' road?"
-- Kevin M.

(exhibits under construction)
Future Detours

[Photograph: Please be careful of roadgeeks running across the freeway. (Interstate 5 in north San Diego county)]

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Maps should not be used for navigational purposes; may potentially represent routes that are presently non-existent, or treacherous and/or prohibited for current travel; and are presented as historical aids only.

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