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The Secret Timeline

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October 1976 Commodore buys MOS.   
 April 1977 Commodore unveils the PET (suggested retail, $600 US).




January 1981 Commodore announces the VIC-20 (MSRP $300 US). Peak sales of 9,000 units/day. 
 January 1982 Commodore announces the Ultimax ($150 US); the 64 ($595; $200 in 1983); the SuperVIC. 17-22 million C64s were ultimately sold until Commodore's demise.
April 1982 Commodore announces the B700 and P500.  
 June 1982 Commodore announces the Max, the BX256, the B128 and the P128.
January 1983 Commodore announces the SX-64. 
 May 1983 Commodore ships the Executive 64.
January 1984 Jack Tramiel leaves Commodore. 264 and 364 units are introduced at Winter CES. 
 Spring 1984 Commodore drops production of the VIC-20.
 August 1984 Commodore buys Amiga Corporation, the beginning of the end for the 900 series.
June 1984 Commodore releases the 16 and the Plus/4.  
 January 1985 Commodore introduces the 128 and the LCD.
1989 Commodore releases the 64GS (and the 64G). 






 Late 1991 Irving Gould cans the Commodore 65 project, calling it the "son of Plus/4".


April 1994 Commodore files for bankruptcy. Prototypes of the C65 leak out in the liquidation.