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Important Note on this Archive

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Intending to use pictures or text from this page? Please read this notice. Last modify 30 October 2007.

Secret Weapons of Commodore is a collaborative effort. I just organise it all and do the writing; much of the external images, multimedia, binaries and archived text files were graciously provided to me by the long list of people who have assisted in making this archive as comprehensive as possible. To respect the rights that people might have to their intellectual property, please observe these restrictions on image use, multimedia file use, software use and information use. That way we'll all be happy!

Image Use

The images on Secret Weapons of Commodore come from diverse sources, and many appear by gracious permission of the person who created it originally -- they are not my property to do with as I choose. Other images are images I have scanned in or found, and still others are images that were donated to me to do what I want with. In any event, they should not be simply copied.

If you wish to use images of Secret Weapons for your own purposes, please observe the following gentle requests:

Multimedia File Use

Secret Weapons also archives multimedia files from time to time, like .mp3 files, sound/video clips, etc. Use of these multimedia files may be restricted due to copyright ownership. Please do not use any multimedia file, sound clip, etc., without contacting me first to check if it may be disseminated. Credit must be given to either/both Secret Weapons and the copyright owner if permission is granted.

Software Use

In general, software that appears on Secret Weapons is freely distributable. If you encounter a program here for download in violation of its copyright, please be advised this was an honest mistake and notify me immediately so that I can discontinue it.

VERY IMPORTANT EXCEPTION: Microchess appears here only by permission of the original copyright holder. Except for the C64/128 version, which is freely distributable, the rest are licensed for your private use only. Please ask the original copyright holder for permission before republication or redistribution.

Information Use

All descriptions, text and write-ups, except where noted, are completely mine, and you may use extracts or citations for your own purposes provided that:

Citations that are not my property may require the permission of the original author. Please contact me for assistance.

That's all I ask! Thanks for helping to honour the rights of the generous contributors who have sent in information on these unusual machines and peripherals.

Cameron Kaiser