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Jack of all sites. Master of one.
We think TenFourFox is the best browser for your Power Mac. But we all have that "special site" that needs a little more oomph and a little less everything else, or that other "special site" that you want in its own space. What do you do with those?

Now you can generate site-specific browser applications that use the power of TenFourFox and nothing but for those sites that need "a little more." We call it TenFourFoxBox. Type in your URL and some basic settings, and out comes a custom "foxbox" -- an app that browses just the site you specify and nothing else, stripped down to just the essentials so it's even faster. No other tabs to compete with, no other sites stealing focus. Make it private or make it powerful. It lets you move heavyweight sites out of the browser. It multitasks with the rest of your computer. It can even run parallel to TenFourFox.

Any site can be a foxbox, but only one site can be in one. So use TenFourFoxBox to create as many foxboxes as you need for as many sites as you require and run as many as you like simultaneously. It may not be a new idea, but we think you'll find it's a good one. And a little inside-the-box thinking might be just what you've been looking for.

TenFourFox 38.4 or higher required. Your system must meet the minimum system requirements for TenFourFox to create and use foxboxes.
Intel Macintoshes and previous versions of TenFourFox are not supported.

Try TenFourFoxBox.

(First, download TenFourFox for your Power Mac if you're not already a user. We think you'll like it.)

Read the TenFourFoxBox user's guide.
Then, download TenFourFoxBox 1.0.1 with some sample sites already in foxboxes to get you started.

Check back here for updates and future upgrades to foxboxes to keep those "special sites" even more special.
Report bugs and concerns to our TenFourFox Tenderapp Support site.

TenFourFox and TenFourFoxBox are both free software packages, "as is" without warranty of any kind, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. There is always the risk of system instability, data loss or security compromise. You accept these conditions unconditionally by downloading and using TenFourFox and TenFourFoxBox. We eat our own dog food, but we (and you) do so at (y)our own risk. Find out more about the Mozilla Public License and other licenses governing this software.

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