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TenFourFox. Your Power Mac. Elevated.

New technologies at the heart of the system make
your Power Mac more reliable, capable and responsive —
and lay the foundation for future innovations.
TenFourFox FPR also refines the websites and services
you use every day. It’s TenFourFox at its highest level yet.

Ahoy. Your chip’s come in.

We're not only compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 and 10.5, but we also build our browser specially optimized for your G3, G4 or G5, add AltiVecTM JPEG, HTML and WebM decoding acceleration for G4 and G5 Macintoshes, and soup up JavaScript performance with IonPower, our best-in-class just-in-time PowerPC script compiler. One of our four versions is just right for your particular Power Mac. And it's always up to date, current and secure.

It’s easy to upgrade.

[Our heroic icon!] So make the jump and keep your Power Mac relevant. Our software is open-source, written by Power Mac users and maintained by Power Mac users, incorporating our custom new PowerPC-only features plus the latest bug fixes, security improvements and all the powerful technology underlying Mozilla Firefox.

▶▶ Feature Parity Release 32.1 is a security update. Are you up to date?

▶▶ Development of TenFourFox is stopping. Security updates will continue until October 5, 2021. Read more.

Be sure to read the Release Notes for FPR32 and the official TenFourFox FAQ before you begin. Your Mac must be running at least Mac OS X 10.4.11. Then pick the version for your processor:

Double-click the .zip file to decompress it, and move the application to your Applications folder. Problems? Ask questions and get help at our TenFourFox Tenderapp Support site.

Please note: TenFourFox does not support Flash or Java (read why).

Learn what's coming next on the TenFourFox Development blog.

TenFourFox is free software, "as is" without warranty of any kind, including merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose. There is always the risk of system instability, data loss or security compromise. You accept these conditions unconditionally by downloading and using TenFourFox. We eat our own dog food, but we (and you) do so at (y)our own risk. Find out more about the Mozilla Public License and other licenses governing this software.

Intel-based Macintoshes are not supported.

Selected older versions prior to 24.1 and after are available, but have known remotely exploitable security vulnerabilities, and you use them at your own risk.

Please do not send support requests and reports by E-mail; due to the volume of mail received, not all requests can be answered or acknowledged.

We speak your language.

[Chinese (Simplified)] TenFourFox 会说你的语言。
若想在 TenFourFox FPR 中安装简体中文支持, 下载这个安装包, 先将它解压,再双击安装包来开始。

[Deutsch] TenFourFox spricht Ihre Sprache.
Um die deutsche Sprachunterstützung für TenFourFox FPR zu installieren, laden Sie diesen Installer herunter. Entpacken und doppelklicken Sie ihn, um die Installation zu starten.

[Espanol] TenFourFox habla tu idioma.
Para instalar el soporte español en TenFourFox FPR, descargue este instalador, descomprímalo, y de doble click al instalador para iniciar.

[Francais] TenFourFox parle ta langue.
Pour installer les ressources françaises dans TenFourFox FPR, télécharge l'installeur, dézippe le, et double-clique l'installeur pour commencer.

[Hanguk-eo] 텐포폭스는 여러분의 언어를 구사합니다.
TenFourFox FPR에 한국어 지원을 설치하려면 이 설치 패키지를 다운로드하고 압축을 풀고 설치 패키지를 두 번 클릭하여 시작하십시오.

[Italiano] TenFourFox parla la tua lingua.
Per installare il supporto alla lingua italiana in TenFourFox FPR, scarica questo programma, decomprimilo e fai doppio click per iniziare.

[Nihongo] TenFourFoxはご言語を話します。

[Polska] TenFourFox porozumiewa się w Twoim języku.
Aby zainstalować wsparcie dla języka polskiego w TenFourFox FPR, pobierz instalator, rozpakuj go i uruchom aby rozpocząć instalację.

[Russkij] TenFourFox говорит на Вашем языке.
Для установки поддержки русского языка в TenFourFox FPR, загрузите этот установщик, распакуйте его zip-архив, и дважды щелкните по установщику для начала.

[Suomi] TenFourFox puhuu kieltäsi.
Asentaaksesi suomen kielen tuen TenFourFox FPR, lataa asentaja, pura se ja tuplaklikkaa asentajaa aloittaaksesi.

[Svenska] TenFourFox talar ditt språk.
För att installera det Svenska språkpaketet till TenFourFox FPR, ladda hem installeraren, zippa upp den och dubbelklicka på installeraren för att komma igång.

[Türkçesi] TenFourFox dilini konuşuyor.
TenFourFox FPR'de Türkçe desteği yüklemek istiyorsanız, bu yükleme paketini indirin, unzip yapın ve başlamak için yükleme paketini çift tıklatın.

More languages in development!

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