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plua2c for Mac OS X

plua2c-macosx "MacPlua" is a port to Mac OS X of the plua2c "cross-compiler," part of the Plua package. Specifically, this is a port of plua2c only, part of Plua 2, which is available from the Plua discussion group.

For the curious, Plua is a Palm Pilot port of the Lua scripting language, available for multiple other platforms. Plua 2 uses Lua 5.

This binary is designed to replace the PC binary(ies) in the Plua 2's plua2c distribution. It is compiled for PowerPC under Mac OS X Jaguar 10.2.8 and is compatible with Panther, Tiger and Leopard (tested on 10.3.9, 10.4.11 and 10.5.4 respectively). It will also run under Rosetta emulation on Intel-based Macintoshes. There is no Aqua interface; you must run it from within the Terminal or other shell prompt, just like the PC version(s).

This does not include the full Plua 2 distribution. Please download that in addition so that you have all the proper files. Also note that I do not have the authority to distribute the source code for this project, and that in accordance with Marcio's wishes, only the binary can be made available. Please don't whine to him or me about this policy. There will not be an original pluac "compiler" as future support is intended for Plua 2.

Current version listed at top. OS X Jaguar 10.2.8 is minimally required.

pluac-2.0i.macos.zip will be the final version supported on Jaguar and Panther. Future versions may run, but will not be guaranteed. This version corrects a possible endian bug on Intel/Leopard, but is also recommended for PPC. If this version does not work for you, original 2.0 is also still available.

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Cameron Kaiser