Floodgap Free Software License

The author of your software has chosen to distribute it under the Floodgap Free Software License. Although this software is without cost, it is not released under Copyleft or GPL, and there are differences which you should read. Your use of this software package constitutes your binding acceptance without restriction.

This software is without cost

The Floodgap Free Software License (FFSL) has one overriding mandate: that software using it, or derivative works based on software that uses it, must be free. By free we mean simply "free as in beer" -- you may put your work into open or closed source packages as you see fit, whether or not you choose to release your changes or updates publicly, but you must not ask any fee for it. (There are certain exceptions for for-profit use which we will discuss below.)

Definitions and terms

The declared copyright owner of this software package.
A pre-compiled or pre-interpreted bytecode or machine language representation of a software package not designed for further modification and tied to a particular platform or architecture.
Derivative work
Any distribution (q.v.) that contains any modification to or deviation from the official reference distribution (q.v.); or any software package significantly based on or integrally including the source code for its features, including but not limited to supersets; subsets of a significant proportion; in-place patched changes to source or binary files; linking in as a library; binary-only distributions if the original package included source (even if the source was not modified prior to compilation); or translations to another programming language, architecture or operating system environment. Derivative works of packages released under this license are also considered subject to this license.

However, a software package that requires this package but does not include it or is not based upon it, even if it will not operate without it, is not considered a derivative work. For example, interpreted programs requiring an interpreter issued under this license, assuming they are not distributed with any portion of the interpreter, are not derivative works.

A packaged release of this software, either the author's original work (the "reference distribution") or a derivative work based upon it.
Reference distribution
A packaged release of this software explicitly designated as the official release, written by or on behalf of the Author with his or her explicit designation as official. Only exact copies of the reference distribution may be called reference distributions; all other forms are derivative works.
Source code
The human-readable programming instructions of the package which might be easily read as text and subsequently edited, but requiring compilation or interpretation into binary before being directly useable.

What you are permitted to do under this license

Pursuant to the remainder of the terms below,

What you must not do under this license

Remember that these limits apply only to redistribution of a reference distribution, or to a true derivative work. If your project does not include this package or code based upon it, even if it requires this package to function, it is not considered subject to this license or these restrictions.

What you must do under this license

Additional notes

Enforcement is the responsibility of the Author. However, violation of this license may subject you to criminal and civil penalties depending on your country.

This package is bound by the version of license that accompanies it. Future official versions of a particular package may use a more updated license, and you should always review the license before use. This license's most current version is always available from the following locations:


This license is version 1, dated 19 November 2006.

This license is copyright © 2006 Cameron Kaiser. All rights reserved. The text of this license is available for re-use and re-distribution under the Creative Commons. The use of the term "Floodgap Free Software License" does not imply endorsement of packages using this license by Floodgap Systems or by Cameron Kaiser. Modified licenses using portions of these terms may refer to themselves as modified FFSL, with the proviso that their modifications be clearly marked in accordance with the Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 License.

Only the text of this license, and not programs covered by this license, is so offered under Creative Commons.