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A daring desert drive

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A strip of road and an endless desert? Well, sometimes, yes, but not quite. Welcome to US 95 between Las Vegas, NV and Blythe, CA, the "Loneliest Highway in California" south of the stateline but a major artery through Las Vegas north of it. A road of contrasts, this arterial goes where few drive and fewer live, but affords a vista of the American southwest not often seen in its totality.

Our drive will take us through Las Vegas, NV, Searchlight, NV, Needles, CA and Blythe, CA, and several small towns inbetween. While in Las Vegas, we'll look at US 95's alignments through the city, both old and new, as well as the new freeway construction and some of the local state routes. Then we'll descend south with US 93, detour for a swim in Lake Mead and dive off into the Mojave Desert for a romp with old US 66 in Needles, finally rocketing through the desert between Needles and Blythe, skirting the resorts and marinas of the Colorado River Valley on our way back to civilization.

Principal photography completed July 2005, with significant updates July 2007; write-up completed December 2007.

[Las Vegas' famous Vegas Vic neon sign.]


This photologue is divided into multiple parts.

Las Vegas Metro Area, NV

Southern Nevada and California

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