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It's the Summer of Six!

C'mon across America on our biggest Roadgap exploration yet: the United States' longest highway until 1964, and today remains the United States' longest continuous highway, 3205 miles from Bishop, California and the beautiful eastern Sierra Nevada all the way to Provincetown, Massachusetts and the seasides of Cape Cod. No wonder it bears the proud Grand Army of the Republic Highway name -- no highway takes a cross-section of the USA like this!

2006 was a special year, truly the Summer of 6, and this exhibit was designed to take a "snapshot in time" preserving the highway and the character of the American destinations it crosses for posterity. That July, your humble narrator hopped in his Saturn SL2 with his Nikon and his iBook and left Bishop, CA in search of the other end of the highway. You can see that initial trip in the "roadlog", a quasi-blog along the route with selected photographs and comments, including my return trip along the eastern Applachians and back to southern California along old US Highway 80 and its modern inheritors.

[Miles to Provincetown, MA, from Bishop, CA, the western end of US 6.] Now that the trip is over and the photographs are being collated, processed and uploaded, now you can start with the main photographic exhibit. Unlike most of my other photographic exhibits which are built and uploaded in whole cloth, sometimes almost 50 sections at once, I've chosen to upload the US 6 exhibit part by part. That means you can look at portions of the main exhibit as it develops, send your comments, and enjoy the view without having to wait for the whole thing to be released. I hope you enjoy the ride!

It is my plan, once the full photography is uploaded and made available, to do retakes of less-good-pictures that do not significantly change the look of the highway. In a decade or two, I hope to reshoot the route again, a Summer of 6 Revisited, but this exhibit will always stand as a record of this great highway as it was when I trundled along it for the first time.

[US 6 across the USA: schematic map.]

[The famous end US 6 sign in Bishop, California.]


The Summer of 6 Roadlog

The Roadlog covers the entirety of my 2006 trip, from Bishop to beaches, with brief commentary and images and the return trip through the southern USA. Get a preview of the other side before the main route catches up, and see portions of my route the main photoessay won't cover.

Old US 6 in California

When the main photoessay is complete, I'll be taking a camera to old US 6 from Inyokern all the way to Long Beach and "complete the cycle." Watch for it then!

US 6 in California

This section covers the small stub officially remaining US 6 in California, from Bishop, CA to the Nevada state line.

US 6 in Nevada

This section covers US 6 from California to Utah, including Tonopah and Ely.

US 6 in Utah

This section covers US 6 from Nevada to Colorado, including the southern Wasatch Front and much of I-70.

US 6 in Colorado

This section covers US 6 from Utah to Nebraska via Denver, I-70, I-25 and I-76.

US 6 in Nebraska

This section covers US 6 from Colorado to Iowa via Hastings, Lincoln and Omaha.

US 6 in Iowa

This section covers US 6 from Iowa to Illinois via Council Bluffs, I-80, Des Moines, Davenport, I-280 and I-74. Watch for part 26 into Illinois in the next release! For now, you can continue from Part 25 with the original Roadlog entry.


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