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Plua 2.0 FAQ

Q: Is Plua source code available ?
A: No. Plua is not open source and it is not going to become open source.
Plua is now open source; see my maintained fork on Github.

Q: But Lua is open source, isn't Plua breaking any license ?
A: No. Lua is released under a MIT license. This license allows derivative works like Plua to be closed source.

Q: I want to distribute applications I developed with Plua. Do I have to pay any fee ?
A: No. You can distribute your applications under any license you want. You do not have to pay me any fee or royalties.

Q: Is Plua used for developing serious production applications ?
A: I believe Plua is used mostly by hobbyists, but since registration is not required for using Plua, I can not tell for sure.

Q: Is there any paid support service for Plua ?
A: No.

Q: How does Plua compare to other development envionments ?
A: You can find comparisons and benchmarks on the Internet.

Q: Am I allowed to include Plua with my application ?
A: The only component you are allowed to distribute with your application is the Plua Runtime (plua2rt.prc)

Q: I do not like runtimes. It is possible to deploy a self-contained Plua application ?
A: No. Compiled Plua applications will always need the Plua Runtime.

Q: Is it possible to use Plua as a library, calling it from my C code like I do with Lua ?
A: No. Plua is a complete application, not a library.

Q: Will there be a Plua port for WindowsCE, PocketPC, Symbian, [put your favorite OS here] ?
A: Not likely.

Q: What is the development roadmap for Plua ?
A: Currently Plua 2.0, which is based on Lua 5.0.3, is under beta testing. Lua 5.1 is already out, so I may consider it next, but there are no estimate dates.

Q: What is the official Plua site ?

Q: Why I can not find Plua 2.0 on the official site ?
A: The official site contains only the public released version 1.1. Version 2.0 is still under development, and is available only to registered users of the Plua discussion group on Yahoo Groups.

Q: Can I install Plua 1.1 and Plua 2.0 on the same device without interference on each other ?
A: Yes. They use different Creator ID's.

Q: Is Plua going to support static GUI controls stored on resources, as an alternative to creating dynamic GUI controls ?
A: No.

Q: I have SrcEdit and can call it from within Plua 2.0, but SrcEdit can not call back Plua 2.0. What is going on ?
A: SrcEdit associates a fixed application with a file extension. Since Plua 1.1 came first, the extension ".lua" was associated with it. Until SrcEdit is changed to allow configurable compilers, there is no way to make it call Plua 2.0.

Q: Why SrcEdit is the only supported Doc editor ?
A: Because it was the only freeware editor I could find that had a well documented "goto line" feature and a "call back compiler" feature.

Q: I can not open a topic on the online help. What is going on ?
A: You must select the letters of the topic name as if you were selecting a word in a text field. Then you must press the Goto button to open the topic.

Plua is Copyright (C) Marcio Migueletto de Andrade.