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RIP Peter Scott, inventor of Hytelnet (1947-2013)

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Hytelnet was an early attempt at unifying the various Telnet-based information resources available before the World Wide Web became the primary access method of choice, developed by Peter Scott (then at University of Saskatchewan, Canada) in 1990. By using the Hytelnet client, written by Earl Fogel, users had a primitive text-based GUI front-end, along with comprehensive on-line help and access instructions, for accessing these diverse services.

Hytelnet was very successful within its niche, but as it was run locally, no two copies were alike (there was no 'master server' as such, although updates were regularly made available), and maintenance was required to keep everything in sync. More importantly, as the advent of Web browsers made it possible to put a friendlier face on such databases, many of the Telnet interfaces Hytelnet referenced were gradually retired, hastening Hytelnet's obsolescence. Its last major database update was in 1997.

This site is a historical reconstruction of Hytelnet, enhanced to check validity of services and referenced hosts, but otherwise designed as much as possible in keeping with the original interface. While there are several Web implementations of Hytelnet (including Peter Scott's own official release at Northern Lights Internet), this version is unique in several ways:

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Cameron Kaiser