The Tomy Pyuuta Family

It's the ancestor of my beloved Tomy Tutor. Thus, I must honour it -- and hence, this shrine dedicated especially to the Tomy Pyuuta and its spawn. Major portions of the Pyuuta's history were courtesy Hidehiko Ogata and several stock photographs occur courtesy Junya Kubota. Ogata-san was also the gentleman who engineered the acquisition of my Pyuuta Mk II, for which I will forever be in his debt. ありがとう ございます!!!!

Updates and corrections are naturally welcome. Last modify 23 Aug 2020.

[The Japanese Pyuuta logo.]

[The Pyuuta series.] The Pyuutas are also partially discussed on the Tutor Hardware page, since many aspects of the hardware are specific to the entire Tomy line. Subparts:

[Thumbnail of the Tutor and Pyuuta at VCF6.]
The Tutor and the Pyuuta (right) demonstrated at Vintage Computer Festival 6.0, awarded first prize in its class (post-1981 manufactured home computer).
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