Solbourne Vendors

[This page is particularly problematic as much of it largely predates the Web, so I'm not sure how much of this can be checked. Corrections and updates appreciated. -- Cameron]


The University of Colorado Computer Science Department is always happy to take your old unwanted Solbourne equipment (and anything else you might want to get rid of within reason!). So, before you sell it, consider donating it to us and writing it off from your taxes.

We can provide you with the appropriate documentation necessary for claiming a deduction, however, be aware that we cannot, by law, assign a value to your equipment.

Near as i know, if you're a corporation/business entity and have been filing depreciation on the equipment, it's worth to you what's "left on the books".

Otherwise, you must obtain a qualified independent appraisor for this if you will be claiming more than a certain amount ( ($5,000/year) / category to all donees).

Go the IRS web site for more info (useful docs are Publication 526 and 561)

ZAP!Notice :
I am not a tax preparer, nor am i intimate with accounting procedures or tax law. Therefore take what i say with a grain of salt and query the appropriate people in your organization


Some manufacturers of Solbourne parts can be found through the Other Web References Page

Vendors dealing in Solbourne parts

The following resellers have been known in the past to carry Solbourne peripherals and/or systems.

ZAP!Note :
I take no responsibility as to the accuracy of the information here, nor to the validity that said vendors still carry Solbourne equipment (though please let me know if you have other pointers, or if these vendors have stopped dealing in Solbourne equipment) I also am not responsible if you have a sour experience with anyone listed here. (though you can let me know and if a vendor seems flaky i might remove them from the list)

Grumman Systems Support Corporation This is probably a bogus number
Hardware Maintenance contracts, spares, OS
See OS/MP Ordering for details on purchasing the media and licenses for OS/MP operating system and patches.
LVC Technology (still appears to be in business 3/24/2010 -- can't vouch for stock tho.)
1-972-291-9389 (Fax)
(at 15-Sep-98 has 5E/6/6E, 128/256MB, Cougar SCSI, /900 chassis, HD chassis)

InduSys Technology, Inc. (ITI)
ITI is a depot repair company that works with Solbourne in addition to others.

Software and Consulting Vendors dealing with Solbourne

Clue Computing
Unix System and Network Admin, Internet Connects & Firewalls, Unix Training, WWW consulting, Solbourne Hardware and Software a specialty. [Clue had (has?) a 66MHz Series 6. I don't know if this was a one-off or a custom job, since some former Sol engineers were on their payroll at the time. -- Cameron]

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