Solbourne Related WEB Pages and Other Resources

[Struck-thru links indicate historical interest only and don't work. However, very few of the current links on this page reference Sols anymore. -- Cameron]

Related Vendor Web Sites

Ciprico, Inc.
Grumman Systems Support Corporation
Interphase Corporation
Sun MicroSystems, Inc
Xylogics, Inc.


Related Information

The Sun Hardware Reference
Hitachi 19" Monitor HowTo
[local mirror] has info on tweaking things like HSYNC which you need for the Solbourne video cards

Sun3 Archive
Comp.sys.sun.admin FAQ Sun FAQs
Note that this directory also contains sources for resolv+, static versions of mount, etc.
Rob Montjoy's Sun-Tips doc
[If you just want the Sun FAQ for the above, see the comp.sys.sun FAQ instead. -- Cameron]

Casper Dik's Solaris2.x FAQ

Sun Managers FAQ (John DiMarco) -- subscribe
(the 'Sun Managers' list is meant for "Emergency" use only) [Try]
PDS Performance Database

Cool Utilities

SysInfo archive

ZAP!Note :
Michael Cooper, author of SysInfo, no longer supports the Solbourne architectures, but most things still work

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