Solbourne Pictures

Hey, don't rag on us for the unkempt state our machines appear to be in. We are one of those bubble-gum, wire-tie, and velcro shops due to our pathetic educational funding.

Anyway, here's some really crummy scanned polaroid (focus trouble) images of various Solbourne systems in use at the University of Colorado. I was just going to use scanned images of glossy Solbourne sales brochures, but i don't have any.

Grumman has one of those marketroid glitzy photos of a 700 and a 900 system in a room with desks and mirrored walls! [Sadly it does not seem to have been picked up by the Internet Archive, or I would simply reproduce it here. -- Cameron]

S3000 IDT

The author's personal S3000 with a second bw20 and 19" monochrome monitor no, that's not an A-Bomb on screen, just the polaroid flash.
However, You can see me 'xv'-ing my "Unified Field Theory for Dummies" picture!

S4000 IDT

S4000 with an sga20 color frame buffer Hmm. I can't think of anything funny to say.

500 KBus Chassis

Series 5/501 system Hey, no food or drink near that open KBus chassis! (oops)

600 KBus Chassis

Series 6/603 system with Model 820 SMD peripheral cabinet I put the front cover plates on just for you! Normally they have been off for tweaking purposes

700 KBus Chassis

Series x/700 We don't have any 700 chassis' to show you, sorry!

900 KBus Chassis

Series 5E/905 with 6 IPI drives and 2 (presently unused) SCSI trays Many, Many Thanks to Storage Technology Corp (StorageTek) for donating most of this system to CU!
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