Solbourne General Information

This page provides General Information related to Solbourne computers and services.

Info-Solbourne Mailing List

The Info-Solbourne Mailing List is available for subscription via:
echo subscribe info-solbourne | mail
echo unsubscribe info-solbourne | mail
Obtaining Major-Domo help
echo help | mail

Info-Solbourne Archives

The Info-Solbourne archive is available at:

ZAP!NOTICE : is presently not accepting anonymous logins. I'm not sure if this is intentional or permanent, so for now, i've got an older version of the archive you can snag by clicking here... (it's 800KB) info-solbourne-old.tar.gz

[At some point I'll make this browseable, possibly on the gopher server, but you can now get the entire tarball for local review thanks to Stephen. -- Cameron]

Grumman Systems Support Corporation

Grumman Systems Support Corporation (GSSC) took over hardware and software contract services for Solbourne when they filed for reorganization. However, as of Jan 1, 2000, Grumman no longer supports Solbourne. That means no Hardware or Software is available or supported.

GSSC Support can be reached at:
Grumman Systems Support Corporation
Longmont, CO


Solbourne continues as a consulting services company for Oracle.

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