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This is my local mirror of the Solbourne Shack (r.i.p.) which Stephen Dowdy maintained for many years at the University of Colorado. I have made no changes except to correct links and remove sections that no longer apply. This section of the site will not be further maintained other than to keep links up to date. -- Cameron Kaiser

Solbourne Shack Web Page

This page was renamed from "Solbourne Straggler's Web Page" to the "Solbourne Shack Web Page" in protest of Tandy Corporation's inane rampage against anyone and everyone using the unethically (IMHO) obtained trademark "SHACK".

See Vagabond Jim's Web Page (potential NSFW) with details... At this point, i should point out that the issue has been resolved apparently, at least in the case of Bianca's SMUT shack. That doesn't mean it doesn't apply to everyone else using "Shack" (a common english word). The PTO (Patent, TradeMark Office) are a bunch of curmudgeons for allowing corporations to hijack common language (among many other wrongs).

(btw, "Solbourne Shack" is not a trademark, nor is "Solbourne Shack" a subsidiary division, nor in any way related to "Radio Shack" just in case anyone thought they could buy the 1,001 Solbourne Electronics Projects kit here)

Solbourne no longer builds nor supports its Hardware or Operating Systems, but continues as Solbourne, an Oracle Preferred Business Alliance Partner and consulting services company. [Actually, not anymore. They are now merged under Deloitte, and all the links no longer work. -- Cameron]

These pages are dedicated to those who are hanging on to their current Solbournes or have acquired them from the fearful.

Solbourne Web Site online!
General Information Info-Solbourne, patch ftp site, ...
OS/MP Pricing Issues
Kbus systems (Series 4, Series5, Series5e, Series6)
VME on KBus systems (Series 4, Series5, Series5e, Series6)
IDT systems (S3000, S4000, S4000DX)
Monitor/Video Card specifications
ROM Monitor Information
Some Performance Specs
Operating System and Software Information
Utilities sources specific to Solbourne
H/W compatability/interchangeability
H/W Incompatability issues
Vendor List (Places to buy/sell Solbourne parts/service)
Parts Lists (List of Solbourne Part Numbers)
Other related Web Sites and information
Solbourne Glossary
Ooh, Pictures!
CU Computer Science Department Solbourne Systems

Credits and Thanks

I wish to thank the following for their intellectual and equipment donations
Al Kossow
Al has, in the words of the old Saturday Night Live's baseball character, been "Bedy, Bedy Goot to Us". Al has kept our main CPU servers going and has made them into super-servers with his very kind donations.
Dworkin Müller
former Solbourne systems engineer
provided a great deal of information in all areas
for the donation of a system for use by our Graduate Students
for the donation of a system for use by our Graduate Students
Tom Snow
for pointer to the "Hitachi Monitor Howto"

These pages are not sponsored or endorsed by Solbourne,
or Grumman Systems Support Corporation (GSSC)

Information contained herein is not guaranteed to be complete or even correct. I do not assume responsibility for any bad outcomes that may result from use of this resource

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