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Links and Archives

This is a collection of very useful KIM-1 specific links and links to available documentation in a variety of formats. Please also look at's own link list for 6502 general resources and training boards.

Rather than deep-link to manuals directly, which I think is terribly unfair given the work these folks put into these sites, I will organize them out in logical groups and tell you what they have available where possible. If you know 6502 assembly language, then you will just need the User Manual to figure out how to use the KIM. If you don't, consider getting the Programming Manual but better still look at a book like Richard Mansfield's Machine Language for Beginners, which is very straightforward and inexpensive on the used market (published by COMPUTE! Books). Note the colour coding I'm using to make it easy for you. The other colours: cyan is for the Hardware Manual, grey is for The First Book of KIM and yellow is for the KIM Hints; black bold is for everything else of note.

Documentation and Reference Archives

Not that all of the sites I link to aren't good, but these three sites in particular also double very nicely as general informational sites on the KIM-1, not just documentation archives. For that reason, I list them first and most prominently.

But also definitely worth a look:


I also offer software for download from the Incredible KIMplement page. There will be a more extensive software section on this site in the future, but these sites should keep you busy until then.


Other Sites

Whew! I think that about does it. If you have a suggestion for a site not listed here, please send me an E-mail.
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