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The TT13

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This is one of the most mysterious country-specific entries we've yet run across. Thanks to Riccardo Rubini for the original article, translating it to English :-), and the photograph.

.jpg Image of the TT13 (56K, courtesy Riccardo Rubini)

Introduced September 1984
Hardware 6502?
Graphics and Sound ?
Eventual Fate Unknown. Known in Italy only.

Referencing the Italian magazine SuperCommodore 9/84, alongside the Plus/4 and 16 Commodore introduced a new device for the rapid processing and management of Totocalcio gaming and game sheets. (Totocalcio is an Italian betting game handled by the national Ministry of Finance, based on weekly soccer matches, and is still played today. Winnings may be as high as US$1.2 million for a 'tredici' [guessing all 13 matches correctly].) The unit, which was intended for Totocalcio operating offices, was specifically programmed to compute the needed sheets for a game and drive two sidecar NTP printers at up to 1,000 sheets per hour.

The hardware behind the TT13 is really difficult to determine. In the photograph, a sheet hopper/feeder is visible, along with two printers (presumably those mentioned in the writeup). An ordinary C64 is visible in the background, but it isn't known if it is part of the setup; the article does allege, however, that the TT13 is a full computer system and not merely a peripheral.

It is not known if any TT13s were ever deployed in a production capacity, or if others besides the demonstrated prototype were even manufactured.