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The Multi-User Cash Terminal Register

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.jpg Photograph of the MUCTS (77K, courtesy T.J.T. van Kooten)

aka Multi-User Cash Terminal System, MUCTS
Introduced Never officially.
Hardware 6502 @ 1MHz? Integrated screen and printer. Unknown ROM/RAM or chipset.
Graphics and Sound 40x25 monochrome(?) text. Unknown additional graphics or sound capabilities.
Eventual Fate Forgotten prototype?

Thanks to T.J.T. van Kooten for this entire entry.

Another obscure failure, the MUCTS was another abortive attempt to revive Commodore's now unrecoverable supremacy in the business market. While the name alone suggests the relatively better-known "PET" Register/Commodore Cash Register, there are two strikes against this being an immediate descendant. First, the units are totally dissimilar in appearance and apparent range of functionality. The MUCTS has a "full" keyboard, including letters which the CCR does not; and, by the same token, there are keys on the CCR's keyboard for the internal ROM Point-of-Sale software that are not on the MUCTS's. Both do appear to have an internal cursor-driven menu system (the screen shot of the MUCTS, hopefully not Commodore mockup wishful thinking, shows what looks like a PoS menu), but while some of the ideas in the CCR may have been worked into the MUCTS, our second reason makes this considerably less likely: the CCR was killed off in 1982, but the MUCTS was announced some four years later (the scan above originated from Commodore User, 9/86). Sadly, the MUCTS saw even less daylight than the PET Register.