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The Danish Remixes: The 64

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Thanks to Christian Lyng for this entry.

Views of the Danish 64 (.jpg, courtesy Christian)
ROMs (20K) | Keycaps (43K)

Introduced 1983?
Hardware Identical to original system, with modified Kernal and Char ROM, and stickers for the keycaps.
Graphics and Sound Identical to original system.
Eventual Fate Released.

Similar to the Swedish 64, the Danish 64 required an equally grotty set of stickers and Kernal/Char ROM modifications. Note that the original was in the standard beige breadbox; Christian simply transplanted the innards into a white 64 case for convenience.

The layout is depicted above, but as proof of their kludginess, some of the stickers have since fallen off and some additional explanation is in order. Right bracket/semicolon carries 'Ø' (not zero '0'), and the old '=' key becomes right bracket/semicolon. The English pound key carries left bracket and colon. There seems to be some bugs in the keymapping in the Danish ROMs; SHIFT or Commodore plus Æ both generate 'big +' (SHIFT-+ on a standard keyboard), while SHIFT/Commodore and Ø are both the same as SHIFT-Å.