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The Swiss Remixes: The 128, 128D, 128DCR

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Thanks to Nicolas Welte (and his contributors) for this entry, which is based on his 128 "Mystery Keyboards" page. This picture is courtesy Klaus Mandelatz.

Views of the Swiss 128 (.jpg)
Keyboard (42K)

Introduced 1986?
Hardware Identical to original system, with modified Kernal, Char ROM and keycaps.
Graphics and Sound Identical to original system.
Eventual Fate Released.

Like most internationalized systems, there are two firmware versions: the 1985 version (typically in 128 and plastic 128D systems) is the original, with a later 1986 version typically in metal 128DCRs. The date is displayed in the startup banner. The alternate keyboard layout and character set is selected in 128 mode with the CAPS LOCK key; in 64 mode, it simply chooses the alternate character set and doesn't change keyboard mappings. The mechanism is explained in more detail on the Swedish 128 entry.

Comparing the Swiss/German keyboard with the German and French localized systems is very intriguing, although ultimately the assertion that the Swiss/German keyboard is a descendant of the German 128's rather than the Belgian/French 128's seems obvious.