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The 3008

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8-Bit Nirvana's CBM 3008 Page (auf Deutsch/in German)

.jpg Photograph of the 3008 (44K, courtesy 'Tiziano')
.jpg Photograph of the 3008 (19K, courtesy Sascha Hoogen)

Introduced 1979
Hardware 6502 @ 1MHz, 8K RAM. Integrated 9" screen.
Graphics and Sound 40x25 monochrome text. No sound. Identical to the 4000 series PETs.
Eventual Fate Released in Europe but quickly pulled for the 3016 and 3032; not known released in the USA.

The 3008, the direct descendent of the 2001 (the German 3001 is in fact a rebadged 2001 with a different keyboard), has the same board as the 4000 series PETs but amazingly carries BASIC 2.0 (2.3?) and is apparently the identical dialect found in the VIC-20 and 64.

The 3008 didn't last long, rapidly pulled for the expanded 3016 and 3032 which had 16K and 32K RAM respectively.