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Welcome to Retrobits, Floodgap's special section on classic hardware and vintage computer systems. Floodgap is pleased to continue offering many of the retrocomputing resources formerly housed at retrobits.com here on this service. Please note that the floodgap.com addresses are now the canonical URLs.

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Curious about what's in the house?

  • Commodore

    • The Commodore Knowledge Base (last update 31 Jan 2001) -- A searchable index of useful and informative documents culled from Usenet, Q-Link and other systems. Also featuring downloadable programs where included, and a full listing of articles by topic.

    • The Secret Weapons of Commodore! (last update 15 Sep 2022) -- An annotated history and catalogue of unusual, limited release, prototype and vapourware Commodore peripherals and computers. See the Commodore you never knew! Also includes a full annotated history of Commodore Business Machines, from typewriters to bankruptcy.

    • The KIM-1 Page and the Amazing KIMplement (last update 27 Apr 2024) -- Information on the Commodore and MOS Technologies KIM-1, a 6502-based 1970s single-board computer. Also includes the KIMplement, a partial emulation of the KIM-1 in software for the Commodore 64 and most Commodore 64 emulators. FFSL-licensed freeware.

    • Xetec's Lt. Kernal Hard Drive (last update 6 Feb 2008) -- A compendium of technical documentation and software for the Commodore-specific Lt. Kernal SCSI hard drive system, including information on SYSGEN, the host adapter, and reconfiguring/upgrading your LtK. Hosted here as a public service. Floodgap is not responsible for its content.

  • Other Systems

    • ANS ANSwers @ Floodgap Retrobits: The Apple Network Server Resource (last update 11 Nov 2023) -- The last (and possibly largest) non-Macintosh computers Apple ever made, the Network Servers ran AIX and incorporated much muscle into their rarely seen 80 pound bulk. Our own ANS 500, stockholm, served you this very web site for 14 years. Includes pictures, specifications, neat facts, a Shiner history and downloadable software, including the Mac OS integration suite. Bonus: special section on the Apple Workgroup Server 9150!

    • The Alpha Micro Phun Machine (last update 27 Sep 2020) -- Hosted on Floodgap's very own Alpha Microsystems Eagle 300, the Alpha Micro Phun Machine hosts resources, specifications, software and documentation for the Alpha Micro series of servers and the AMOS operating system. Just don't call it a DEC Alpha and we'll all get along fine. Hosted on our AMOS server.

    • Solbourne Solace @ Floodgap Retrobits (last update 29 Aug 2023) -- A shrine to the forgotten SPARC, the Solbourne series of computers, the machines that beat Sun to multiprocessing years in advance. Includes a basic FAQ, information on the KBus and IDT systems, and a quick OS/MP installation guide. Plus: a restored, updated copy of the classic Solbourne Shack!

    • Tandy! Pocket! Mania! -- The TRS-80 Pocket Computer Site (last update 10 Feb 2024) -- A reference and discussion of the diminutive and popular Tandy Radio Shack TRS-80 Pocket Computer line, from the PC-1 all the way to the PC-8. Includes pictures, specifications, neat facts and peripheral and software catalogues.

    • The Little Orphan Tomy Tutor (last update 18 Mar 2024) -- An homage to and growing information resource about the orphaned Tomy Tutor, including its history in Japan, the UK and the USA; programming information; photographs; and technical references. Also includes the Tutti II emulator for Mac OS X 10.4+.

  • Just For Fun

    • The Woz iBook (last update 20 Nov 2005) -- Yes, Virginia, there *is* a Woz iBook. And I felt just like bragging outrageously.

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