Floodgap - Information Retrieval Research

The Information Retrieval Research section covers Floodgap's projects on older information access technologies for these technologies' maintenance and continued development. As a result, some of these project services are not offered over the Web or HTTP.

For services hosted on our Gopher server, your web browser must be capable of Gopherspace access. For information on supported web browsers, or to use the public gopher proxy available at Floodgap, please refer to the Gopher Proxy main page.

You can also download free Gopher clients and browser add-ons for your supported mobile phone, desktop computer or web browser from the Overbite Project.

  • Non-HTTP Services

    • Floodgap Gopher Server -- Floodgap's Gopherspace is a vibrant subculture, not a mirror of our website but with content all its own, and one of the busiest gopher holes in the world due to its automatically maintained gopher directory, technical services, and the world's currently only operational Veronica search service. Gopher-compatible client required.

    • Veronica-2 Search Engine -- The Veronica-2 search engine housed at Floodgap is the only presently operational Veronica server in the world, offering a well-maintained and searchable index of gopher menu items from the world gopherspace. The V-2 dataset is also used to drive gopherspace statistics, track active servers, and monitor worldwide usage. Gopher-compatible client required.

  • Clients, Proxies and Recreations

    • Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy -- The Floodgap Public Gopher Proxy offers standards-based and easy-to-use translation of gopher menus and gopher servers into HTML for web browsers with improper or non-functional gopher support. Search servers and many media types are also supported. Check the Proxy home page for information on what browsers properly support Gopher. Your use of the Public Gopher Proxy indicates your full acceptance of the Floodgap Terms of Service.

    • Hytelnet Museum Gateway (last update 4 Jan 2015) -- A historical recreation of the HyTELNET interactive search network using HTML, including "ultra-classic" mode designed to look as similar to the original terminal implementation as possible. Based on the 1997 index, and enhanced to check validity of resources it offers as well as suggest Web-based alternatives.

    • The Overbite Project: Gopher Plugins and Clients (last update 7 Feb 2012) -- Bring current and legacy resources across the global Gopherspace back to your mobile phone, modern web browser and operating system with this free set of add-ons and clients. Supporting Google Android phones and devices, as well as Mozilla Firefox and other Mozilla-based browsers on most operating systems including Mac OS X, Linux and Microsoft Windows. More on the way! Offered under varying licenses, including BSD and Tri-License (MPL/GPL/LGPL) open source. Please read the licensing for your desired package before use.

    • Mosaic-CK Web Browser (last update 15 Nov 2020) -- An unsupported, improved fork of the venerable NCSA Mosaic browser for Mac OS X, Power MachTen and other older Unix and Unix-alike operating systems. For extreme nerds and web historians only, and other people who like old iron. NCSA non-commercial license.

    • The New GopherVR: A Virtual Reality Interface to Gopherspace (last update 24 Oct 2015) -- Explore Gopher servers and gopherspace with a unique VR interface with this classic and fascinating application brought back to life on modern systems. Binaries and source available. Hosted on our gopher server; Gopher-compatible client required. Multi-license open source.

  • Server Software Packages

    • HTTPi Open Source 100% Perl Webserver (last update 8 Apr 2019) -- HTTPi is a 100% Perl, fully open-source webserver designed for small to medium sized websites, offering many of the features of larger servers but in a small, easily hackable footprint requiring no external Perl modules. FFSL-licensed freeware open source.

    • Bucktooth Perl Gopher Server Software (last update 1 May 2011) -- A 100% Perl gopher server system offering executables, directory parsing, and an intelligent new way to intermix data and content in directory menus. Fully open-source, easily hackable, and documented. Requires xinetd, inetd or a fully compatible equivalent. Hosted on our gopher server; Gopher-compatible client required. FFSL-licensed freeware open source.

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