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Floodgap offers various utilities and resources for life sciences and medicine. Please note that these resources are based on best-available evidence at the time of their writing, may not necessarily represent the best course of investigation or treatment, and are used by the clinician/researcher at his or her own risk. No warranty, express or implied, is offered given the merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose of these resources.
  • Medicine

    • Tuberculosis Drug Dosing Calculator (last update 3 May 2020) -- An interactive drug dosage generator for most anti-TB drugs, including first, second and many third line agents. Based on 2003 ATS guidelines and current clinical suggestions.

  • Biology and Life Sciences

    • REFORM Sequence Processor (last update 25 Mar 2021) -- A simple utility for pretty-printing and formatting nucleotide sequences. Originally written out of necessity when I was trying to prep publications as an undergraduate many moons ago.

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