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TenFourFox FPR2 is here!

TenFourFox has migrated to its new custom engine.
The FPR (Feature Parity Release) series build on TenFourFox 45, but add new HTML5 and JavaScript features
backported from current versions of Firefox along with security patches from Firefox ESR 52.
Download it now!

TenFourFox 45.9 is the final version of TenFourFox 45.

SHA-1 certificates are disabled by default

If you are using an HTTPS site secured by an insecure SHA-1 certificate, TenFourFox will now refuse to authorize it.
SHA-1 is no longer considered safe for validating HTTPS certificates.

Is that website too slow? Box it up!

Introducing TenFourFoxBox, a way to generate copies of TenFourFox customized just for the sites you need.
You can even run these single-site "foxboxes" simultaneously with TenFourFox.
Try TenFourFoxBox

Confused by TenFourFox? Got some questions?

Read our helpful Frequently Asked Questions.
If that doesn't help you, post a question or comment on our TenFourFox Tenderapp Support site.

Play videos with the QuickTime Enabler

The QTE lets TenFourFox directly feed video to QuickTime Player so you can play YouTube and selected HTML5 video without Flash.
If you'd like to try it, visit the QuickTime Enabler wiki page.

Make this your home page

You can make 10.4Fx start with this page by going to Preferences > General, Use current page.
Then you'll always know if you're up to date!

Quick tips

You can quickly search Google or other engines by pressing Command-K.
Go full-screen and surf without distraction by pressing Shift-Command-F.

TenFourFox resources

TenFourFox.com | TenFourFox Support @ Tenderapp | TenFourFox Development Blog | TenFourFox Github Project
General Mozilla resources: Google Firefox Start Page | Firefox Support | Mozilla.org

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