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SandboxSafari: Developer Notes

Reporting issues

Do not send bug reports without a fix. Bug reports without a patch will be ignored unless they relate to an obvious, previously unreported security issue. Please don't send other attachments such as images or documents other than patches unless requested. You may send them to

Building SandboxSafari

SandboxSafari is built with Xcode 2.5 against the 10.4 SDK, along with the Mozilla Add-on SDK and Platypus 4.4. Unzip the source package and type make to build the core application. The installer (fixer/) is built with Platypus; the setting file is included. The TenFourFox integration add-on (sse/) is built with the Mozilla Add-on SDK; just cfx xpi in that directory.

The source code also includes a tool openurl that allows you to open a URL with an arbitrary app (for testing purposes). This allows you to push URLs to SandboxSafari from the command line or other utilities instead of just using the regular OS X open utility. It is built by the Makefile for the core executable.

To do

It might be nice to see if there is some way to facultatively leverage the Leopard sandbox, if the executable detects it is running on that system, as a second layer of protection.

chrooting the app ended in abject failure, even when dyld was forced to perform eager binding, probably because of its dylib dependencies. It would still be very nice to support this and would solve a lot of problems.

Try to pare down the context menu even more.

Download source (425K)

Cameron Kaiser