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Termini and Mileage (2006)

Main alignment: Int US 1, Rt 9, South Portland to Int I-95, South Portland
Main alignment: 2.09 miles (total over all segments)

Notes and History

SSR 703 is the internal designator for the Maine Turnpike Authority Approach Road, which existed in basic form ever since the designation of the Turnpike itself (see I-95 for the history of the Turnpike). Connecting US 1 and ME 9 to I-295 and I-95, it functions as a limited-access freeway until just past the Maine Mall Rd exit when it downgrades into tollbooths and then transfers traffic into Interstate 95. It also crosses the Scarborough Connector, which despite being full freeway is merely an inventory road (#72037) and does not seem to have a secret state route number of its own; the Scarborough Connector was apparently built as part of the I-295 project. The usage of Route 703 in reference to the Turnpike Approach Road first appears in a 2004 Portland Area Comprehensive Transportation Committee (PACTS) expansion proposal, where its Maine Mall Rd intersection is discussed along with expansion over the Turnpike to intersect Running Hill Rd. MDOT also mentions the route (as "State Route 703") in their 2005 project deferrals list (.pdf), despite the fact it does not appear in MDOT route logs. It is unclear, however, when the Approach Rd was assigned the number and whether it is in use in any other context. It is not signed.

The statistics and termini above are based on map analysis and are not official figures.

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