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[Interstate 395 in Bangor.]
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Termini and Mileage (2006)

Eastbound alignment: Int of I 395 EB, I 395 WB, IND, Bangor to Int of I 395 EB, RAMP OFF TO W, Brewer
Westbound alignment: Int of I 395 WB, RAMP ON FROM, Brewer to Int of I 395 EB, I 395 WB, IND, Bangor
Eastbound alignment: 4.99 miles (total over all segments)
Westbound alignment: 5 miles (total over all segments)

Notes and History

Interstate 395 is Interstate 95's spur in the Bangor-Brewer region. Unlike I-195, which was planned early and built quite late, the Bangor Industrial Spur was built in short order and opened to traffic from I-95 to its initial terminus at Main St/US 1A/US 202/ME 9 (now US 1A/ME 9) in 1959. However, as it was originally slated to terminate in Brewer, the Industrial Spur did not get fully finished until the construction of the Veterans Remembrance Bridge over the Penobscot River in 1986, with a length of 1,563' (476m) and a vertical clearance of 70' (21m); the fully constructed I-395 was opened that same year and terminated then as now at US 1A. On the other end, I-395 ends at US 2/ME 100 near Hermon, just after the I-95 interchange.

There is now a planning study to extend I-395 to ME 9 near East Eddington based on prevailing traffic patterns using I-395 to US 1A and ME 46 to access ME 9. Most of the considered options deal with routing the new freeway nearly diagonally towards or near the ME 9-ME 46 junction, although some options route it almost parallel with Brewer's southern boundary closer to Eddington.

Portions of ME 15 are co-routed with I-395; see ME 15 and ME 15S. US 202 appears to co-route briefly with I-395 between exits 2 and 3 based on prevailing signage and exit names, but see US 202 for a discussion of its actual terminus.


Exit List

Although I-395 was technically affected by the 2004 exit renumbering (see I-95), its exits were already approximately one mile apart and did not change. Exit descriptions are designed to be informational only and may not match signage. Cities and towns listed refer to the physical location of the exit, not any control city.

Archival Photographs

[Thumbnail image. Select for 640x480.] Former terminus of I-395 at Main St (then-US 1A/US 202/ME 9) as shown shortly after its opening in 1959 until its later lengthening over the Penobscot River (Highway News 11/59).
Additional Photographs

[Thumbnail image. Select for 640x480.] I-395 and ME 15 crossing the Penobscot River over the Veterans' Remembrance Bridge.
[Thumbnail image. Select for 640x480.] ME 15 and I-395 cosigned in southern Bangor. The ME 15 shield is a little strange, with thicker borders reminiscent of Connecticut's.
[Thumbnail image. Select for 640x480.] SB I-95 exit 182A/separation I-395 from SB I-95 with ME 15, towards US 1A and ME 9 in Hampden.
[Thumbnail image. Select for 640x480.] Advance signage for WB I-395 exit 3/US 1A/US 202/ME 9 and the end of I-395 at I-95. Note the use of the INTERSTATE MAINE 95 shield, and the signage "All Points North and South" which is ubiquitous for I-95 and also US 1. Exit 3 shows US 202, although it allegedly already ended.
[Thumbnail image. Select for 640x480.] I-395 ending at US 2 and ME 100 just southeast of the Bangor International Airport.

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