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Termini and Mileage (2006)

Main alignment: (decommissioned) to (decommissioned)
Main alignment: 0.0 miles (total over all segments)

Notes and History

There have been two State Route 1's, all decommissioned (and all apparently extant at the same time as US 1 for added confusion and hilarity). It is unclear if these were ever proposed as US 1A or even US 1.

  • Kittery-York Village (decommissioned; 9.0 miles). This alignment ran from US 1 to US 1A using the section of ME 103 east of US 1 as originally defined in 1936. In 1940-1, this alignment was decommissioned and added as an extension to ME 103.

  • Wells-Biddeford (decommissioned; 20.0 miles). This alignment ran co-signed over sections of ME 9 and ME 208 through Kennebunkport and Cape Porpoise, terminating at US 1 on both ends, as originally designated 1940-1. A thoroughly unnecessary multiplex, its only purpose may have been purely as a routing proposal and the ME 1SH designation was dropped by 1949.

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