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Termini and Mileage (2006)

Main alignment: Int of WALDO AVE, FIELD S, Belfast to Int of RT 2, RT 137, CLAREN, Mercer
Main alignment: 56.25 miles (total over all segments)

Notes and History

ME 137 as originally designated in 1925 ran between Winslow at NEI 20 (now US 201) and Belfast at NEI 1 (now US 1 -- see below for a discussion of its terminus in Belfast). After the Maine Great Renumbering, ME 137 was extended through Oakland and then into Norridgewock along the old alignment of ME 136, and then south of ME 102 along a new alignment to Camden and US 1. From there, it went even further south, along Mechanic St and Park St to West Rockport and from there to and through Warren to intersect US 1 again. Originally, this terminus was at 4 Rod Rd (now no longer numbered highway) when this road still reached US 1, as shown on these 1941 topos (warning: large images; east through Warren and west at US 1); in 1946-7, this southern routing was cut to Camden and the portion south of West Rockport became part of new route ME 90, with the original southern terminus subsequently obliterated by upgrades (see ME 90), while the portion between West Rockport and Camden along Mechanic and Park Sts apparently ceased to be numbered highway. ME 137 was also slightly rerouted on its approach to China and US 202; the old alignment survives as Old Waterville Rd, which is no longer numbered highway (compare the 1943 topo and the 1956 topo [warning: large images]). The modern alignment appears on the 1961 general atlas.

In 1954-5, ME 137 (and ME 8) executed a complex switch with the old ME 135 north of Belgrade, along which ME 137 had been partially cosigned; ME 137 took over the old ME 135 routing to US 2 near Mercer, leaving its old routing from Smithfield to Norridgewock to ME 8 (one of ME 8's two sole segments it runs on alone). In 1960, the southern routing from Belfast to Camden was split off into new route ME 52; its alignment in Belfast was altered due both to the split and the new US 1/ME 3 bypass (see ME 52 for the history of the split). After the consummation of the bypass routing, ME 137's southern terminus was withdrawn to the bypass alignment instead of Main St/old ME 3 where the route had formerly travelled west along old ME 3 and then south along Lincolnville Ave to exit the city. ME 7 was also reconfigured with this change to co-route more tightly with ME 137 in Belfast; see ME 7.

In the early 1990s, the complex routing in Winslow-Waterville became an increasing traffic liability and a bypass routing (constructed in 1997 based on bridge dates) was created on a new alignment signed today as Carter Memorial Drive. Present-day ME 137 splits from its old routing at the intersection of China Rd and Carter Memorial Drive, then crosses US 201, crosses the Kennebec River on a newly constructed bridge, and finally reintersects the former alignment along with ME 11 and ME 104 at Kennedy Memorial Drive ("KMD") and Silver St. The former alignment was re-signed as Business ME 137 (ME 137C).

See also ME 137C.

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