Road's End

Can you get a dream back when it's reached?
That final gem for which you've searched
And now you've found it, clutched in your hand,
the emblem that you strove for.
Now there's no more trail to drive,
now there's no more eye to aim for,
now there's no more goal to scratch for,
now the game is won.
But have you won?
For what your life was, was that struggle
and achieving it, have you not lost
that feeling when you got there?
The newness that you sought there?
And now the bridal veil has fallen, and what's done can't be resolvéd;
you have lost that fiery glint that drove you firm towards that foreign shore.
You will never feel it anymore,
the shine of sun over that summit
as you turn back in your victory
to lose the longing for the win.
Would I remain forever
in the place where I had done it!
Reached the land I'd always dreamed,
my former life now shunnéd!
But I cannot stay
and as I turn away
I weep for what I'm missing --
some place I'll never see again,
for all roads someday end.

Cameron Kaiser