(I've left these as Olivier intended. See the Old VCR blog for more on what I'm doing with MacLynx. -- Cameron Kaiser)

Current status & Work in progress

MacLynx II

MacLynx II is a complete rewrite of MacLynx. I intend to release in the near future a final version of MacLynx I (aka MacLynx b2), with some bug-fixes, but few improvements. MacLynx I is aimed at "classic Macs" (BW, 68000), and MacLynx II will run on 68020 or higher, and will support color. Sorry, no release dates yet.

Beta 2


I have more time than I can dedicate to MacLynx. I'm now actively working on MacLynx b2. Main enhancements: speed and MacOS menus. I'm now converting my old projects file to the magnificient CodeWarrior Pro 1.



First public release