Mac Lynx is a MacOS implementation of the Lynx text-based Web browser. It supports everything you can expect from a modern browser: frames, forms, cookies, proxies...

MacLynx also takes advantage of some specific MacOS tools: InternetConfig, drag&drop, Speech Manager, external applications...

Current version

MacLynx current version is "2.7.1 beta1". This version is aimed on having full http functionality of the original Lynx. As MacLynx is a port of an Unix software, some points of the MacOS interface are still quite rough, but this will improve over time.

As the 680x0 version is significantly younger than the PowerPC version, it has been less tested and might be less stable. However, both versions have similar features.

MacLynx beta1 needs System 7 or later (7.5 required for some features), and MacTCP or OpenTransport.


Please check the downloads page.

MacLynx is localized in french. See the french MacLynx page.

Sources will be available when MacLynx is out of beta.

Special Thanks

95% of the merit of MacLynx goes to the Lynx Development Team. MacLynx is a port. Some points of the DOS/Windows port by Wayne Buttles have been a great help to remove some unixisms.

Thanks to Matthias Neeracher, for the GUSI library, and to Larry Gensch and Robert Zimmerman, for curses code.

You should also thank Franck Brunel, who just kept sayin' "Is there anybody out there to develop a MacOS Lynx ?"

And big thanks to the alpha-testers, especially Jay Farrell, and to the fr.comp.sys.mac Usenet group for advice & support.


Feel free to e-mail me your comments, bug-reports, flames, ideas about this MacOS version. Or just if you find MacLynx cool or useful. And if you really want to send me a postcard of your town...

I also read the comp.sys.mac.comm and comp.infosystems.www.browsers.mac Usenet groups.

Comments specific to the HTML rendering should be addressed to the Lynx-Dev mailing list, as MacLynx kernel is a direct port of the original Lynx 2.7.1 package.

Happy (?) beta-testing,


Olivier Gutknecht

1, rue Charles Didion
34000 Montpellier  -   France