[Hosted by Floodgap Systems] This is a reconstruction of Olivier's old MacLynx page, which has since gone to the great Wayback Machine in the sky. An unofficial "beta 2" (more explanation) is available for 680x0 and PowerPC, along with the rest of what was once offered here although the official French localization has sadly been lost. -- Cameron Kaiser

Information about the MacLynx Web browser:

Current version information & work in progress

Last update: 7/1/97 - Derniere mise ¦ jour: 1/7/97

Downloading MacLynx

Cool MacLynx BadgeJohn Turpin sent me thid cool MacLynx badge that you can include in your pages and link to this site. Thank you, John !
(be lynx-savvy, add an ALT tag) :-)

MacLynx is postcardware. If you like it, please send me a postcard of your town !
Si vous appréciez MacLynx, envoyez-moi une carte postale de votre ville !

Ol Gutknecht - 08/15/97