INNOPAC is very easy to use. Just press the letter or number next to the
item that you want. There is no need to press the ENTER or RETURN key
when choosing one of the menu options. For example:

Title searches:     To search for a particular title, select T on
                    the main menu.

Author searches:    To search for a particular author, select A on
                    the main menu.

Subject searches:   To search for a particular subject, select S
                    on the main menu.

Keyword searches:   Either "k" or "w" (varies from system to system) as
                    listed on the menu.

Other search options: Different INNOPAC libraries have added additional
                    search options, such as Medical Subject Headings,
                    Call Number, SuDocs numbers, Reserve Lists, etc.

Popular options available when looking at any one record include:
        S > Show items with the SAME SUBJECT
        Z > Show items nearby on the shelf
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