Galacticomm Major BBS Demo System

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Thank you for calling the Galacticomm Demo System!  Please feel free to
look through our system.  Our system serves many purposes -- it is a
round-the-clock online technical support BBS for our customers; it's a
demonstration BBS for prospective customers; and it's an in-house BBS
for our technicians and sales staff to communicate with each other.

The Major BBS is a complete Bulletin Board System software package for
two simultaneous users on a single PC.  It includes electronic mail,
file library areas, teleconferencing, a full screen editor, a polling
facility, fully configurable menus, unlimited security access-levels,
the ability to have up to 3500 message bases (Forums) and much more.  It
supports any Hayes-compatible modems, serial connections, and Novell
NetWare IPX Direct connections.  You can get started with The Major BBS
for 2 users for just $259!

 Main Menu

   A ... Account Services            Q ... QWK-mail Offline Messaging
   D ... Doors                       R ... Download RIPterm
   E ... Electronic Mail             S ... Sales and Technical Support
   F ... Forums                      T ... Teleconference
   I ... Information Center          U ... Software Updates      
   L ... File Libraries              X ... Exit Galacticomm's Demo System
   M ... Shopping Mall               Z ... Add-On Options
   P ... Polls and Questionnaires
   * ... Download the Test Drive     ! ... Galacticomm Technical Notes
         Version of The Major BBS
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