[Hitori Dake no Renga, your favourite anti-comic with Japanese renga/tanka.]
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110. [Thumbnail] The Nighting After (11/01/2009)
111. [Thumbnail] Thank You, Veterans (11/11/2009)
112. [Thumbnail] NASA Gets The Bill (11/15/2009)
113. [Thumbnail] cringelist (11/18/2009)
114. [Thumbnail] Second Shift (11/22/2009)
115. [Thumbnail] May I See Your Passport, Please? (11/25/2009)
116. [Thumbnail] Dollhouse (12/02/2009)
117. [Thumbnail] X Marks The Word Problem (12/06/2009)
118. [Thumbnail] Timeslices (12/09/2009)
119. [Thumbnail] Tag, You're It (12/13/2009)

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