[Hitori Dake no Renga, your favourite anti-comic with Japanese renga/tanka.]

[5 In just mere moments / 7 I will have my Polaroid / 5 ready to capture, / 7 and then right away I'll have / 7 your soul, fading into view.]
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#123: "photograph of an instant portrait of the instant portrait of the young man as a disheveled photographer" (01/06/2010)

And we're back.

This is a real photograph of several real photographs which of course make a photocollage of another real photograph, all but this final shot (of course) done with my old Polaroid OneStep Closeup. Polaroid 600 film is obviously not currently made new, and you can only get it in various kinds of recently expired but still operable (although Polapremium and The Impossible Project plan to rescue it from extinction later this year). This entry's specific technical problem, however, is that 600 film is not high-resolution, and generational, focus, contrast and colour problems prevented simple-mindedly taking snapshots of the snapshot -- that original attempt was simply a blurry mess. Instead, I took the original picture and scanned it at 300dpi, then blew it up on a 23" projection screen at high brightness in a dark room, and took about 12 snaps of that on macro with the flash covered up at the lightest print setting the OneStep would let me of which eight made the final collage/cut. That collage was then arranged and rearranged literally about thirty times until I was happy with the result, but photographing that was a lot easier with my Nikon D5000. Unfortunately, this entry used up all the still-good 600 film I still had in stock. I hope those companies will have more for me to buy this year.

I am looking at turning this one into a poster too along with #78 and maybe #97. E-mail me if you'd be interested.

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