[Hitori Dake no Renga, your favourite anti-comic with Japanese renga/tanka.]

[5 The day and darkness / 7 alternating, people's lives / 5 intercalating; / 7 Night to light our rites ensue, / 7 yin to yang of time anew.]
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#118: "timeslices" (12/09/2009)

Despite its appearance, this is actually a composite of three separate exposures taken overlooking US 101 in downtown San Francisco a few months ago, namely two for the night scene and one for the day scene. The fact that they match nearly precisely was actually a total accident, one I exploited for the effect -- seriously, I didn't plan that out, they just happened to be serendipitously dead-on. The images were composited in Photoshop, bars drawn in "rubylith" over the image and perspectivized to generate the stripes (with some hand-tinkering), and then the text overlying that. I like how it emphasizes the consistency of one's gestalt existence (the constant portions of the image such as the buildings, the architecture, the trees) with the day-to-day details (the changing lighting, the moving cars, the pedestrians). It reinforces how the phases of our lives start to run together, day and night, night and day, every day, every night.

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