[Hitori Dake no Renga, your favourite anti-comic with Japanese renga/tanka.]

[5 I don't sleep, I can / 7 only rest, for night won't fall / 5 while the sun is high; / 7 And dreaming never happens, / 7 and my soul finds no repose. / 5 Soon I wake, and work / 7 the night, and curse the light that / 5 trickles through my blinds; / 7 I trade sun to join the dark, / 7 life unseen that no one knows.]
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#114: "second shift" (11/22/2009)

This is a quadruple exposure (the clocks are not manipulated) to capture the changes in light a daysleeper might experience. Doing a night shift is a unique, harrowing experience, a disconnect from the diurnal world that many people will never experience. Sleep for someone like me who is heavily cued by the sun is nearly impossible, and the several weeks I had to do this were strange and haunted.

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